We are Gnome haus


Based in NYC, Gnome Haus was founded by:

Josh F. S. Moser

Topher Cusumano

Rowan Darko

We started in Savannah in 2015, and moved to NYC that summer. Our first full season started the next year.

Gnome Haus staff is currently composed of: 

Josh F. S. Moser - Co-Director

Topher Cusumano - Co-Director

Rowan Darko - Resident Sound Designer/Engineer

Allison Hohman - Company Manager

David Ayllon - Design

Playwrights In Residence:

Topher Cusumano

E. E. Wade

Our Collaborators:

We currently produce our work at
13th Street Repertory Theatre
50 West 13th Street
Manhattan, 10011


We have worked with the following Artists:

The Rhythm/Da Blues

Directed by Lindsy M. Bissonnette
Stage Managed by Allison Hohman
Lighting by Ellen Rosenburg
Vocal Coaching by Christina Ingram

Written/Performed by E. E. Wade


Stage Managed by Allison Hohman
Lighting by Ellen Rosenburg
Sound by Rowan Darko

Valeria Avina - writer/performer Magic Tape
Josh FS Moser - writer/performer Orgullo Boricua

Popular Vote

Lighting By Ellen Rosenburg
Stage Managed by Allison Hohman

Tim McCloughlin
Josh FS Moser
Nicole Blackman
Rebecca Larkin
Topher Cusumano
Michael Burke
Mattie McMaster
Amy Gijsbers van Wijks